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Renée Balthrop, Ph.D.

 Jungian-Based Depth Psychology in Media, PA.

Renée Balthrop

Renée Balthrop, Ph.D.

Dr. Renée Balthrop is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Media, Pennsylvania. She has studied extensively with Jungian analyst Marion Woodman and has participated in numerous intensives and dream seminars. She is also a graduate of the first BodySoul Rythms leadership training program.

Dr. Balthrop works with adults, specializing in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), mindfullness-based stress reduction, guided imagery, and mind-body psychology. Using a depth-psychological approach, she helps people struggling with anxiety, depression, and issues related to identity and purpose. She also offers seminars that include various Jungian topics, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

"A dream untold is like a letter unopened."

- Jung


"Dr. Renee Balthrop is an outstanding Clinician, Educator and Leader in the fields of Jungian Therapy, Psychological & Holistic Healing as well as Dream Interpretation. Her methods of interaction with clients are deeply thoughtful, intelligent and wise. As a long-time colleague, I have benefited greatly from consultation with Dr. Balthrop on many occasions and recommend her most highly."

Susan M.


I have worked with Dr. Balthrop for many years now. She has helped me overcome my anxiety and confusion when life seemed overwhelming to me. Dr. Balthrop is kind, funny and compassionate! (and very, very smart). She has helped me move through some of the biggest challenges in my life!!!

Susan W.

As human beings, we develop in spirals, following our own inner rhythms, passing over the same points, but never in quite the same way.

- Renée Balthrop


Mindfulness-based stress reduction & meditation.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction & meditation.

Life coaching session

Life coaching, coaching for the creative process, & more.

anxiety, depression & relationship issues

Enhanced strategies for coping with anxiety, depression, & relationship issues.

Body Soul Works

Do you want to remember your dreams?

Everyone dreams. The difference is whether or not you remember your dreams. Dreams can provide answers to questions we have yet to ask and raise questions we have yet to formulate.

tips for remembering dreams

Ancient wisdom supports contemporary research on dreams. In ancient Greece, Aesculapius, the founder of modern medicine, worked as a healer. The origin of the symbol of the caduceus, two snakes entwined around a staff, is attributed to him. Individuals seeking help would come to his healing center, which was called the Asklepios. There they would incubate dreams that might contribute to a cure or alleviation of their symptoms. Once received, dreams could be interpreted in a way conducive to the treatment of the imbalance causing the problem.

Many ways of addressing illness can be suggested by the richness of dream imagery. These images emerge from the individual's own psyche. Research has supported the use of individually derived images (as opposed to generic images) in facilitating the healing process. For example, in the process of healing cancer, white blood cells consume and eliminate foreign cells. A general image for this process might be tiny creatures coursing through the blood stream eating affected cells. If an individual were to dream about two warring native American tribes, that image could be represented by 'braves' from the two tribes engaging in battle.

With the assistance of the therapist, images from individual dreams can be related to collective patterns which then provide a context for individual expression. As dream images are understood through dialog and included within the stories that inform our lives, we become stronger and better able to deal with the difficulties we face day by day.

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