Jungian-based depth psychotherapy in Media, PA.


Life coaching session

Jungian-based Depth Psychology

The capacity for self-reflection is essential to the process of psychotherapy. Even when we

desire change, there is much that holds our ideas and behaviors in place. We need to

experience and recognize our constraints in order to exercise choice and engage in


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

EMDR is a structured therapy that promotes healing from trauma and other distressing life

experiences. EMDR therapy generates new neural pathways increasing the availability of

more adaptive responses. Benefits include relief from feelings of distress, diminishing

negative beliefs, development of fresh perspectives, and increased access to internal and

external resources.

Dream Analysis

The therapist helps the dreamer find what is important in the dream and how it relates to

their current situation. Our dreams can show us things that only become clear after our

understanding has changed and events have progressed. The images in the dream represent

sources of healing for the dreamer.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Stress drains energy we have available for addressing life’s problems. Stress is harmful to our

body and mind. It often clouds our thinking and robs us of our naturally restorative healing

processes. Mindful focus in the present moment can align our mind and body, allowing us to

move forward with our lives.

Personally-tailored Guided Imagery CDs

Two introductory sessions are conducted to get to know the individual and identify images

that can bring healing and transformation to. Information from these sessions is used to create

a CD that guides the individual through a process of relaxation and visualization of a healing


Topical Seminars

Topics are presented that can help individuals in their journey toward wholeness and

transformation. Exercises are tailored to integrate and deepen the learning experience. Topics

include: Methods of Working with Dream Images, Structure and Function of the Psyche,

Mask Making, and Mind-Body Integration.

Patient Forms

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